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High Quality Jewelry Casting Services

Pappagalo Fine Jewelry Casting was founded in 1991 by Ron Pappagolo. Ron's forty years of experience have led to his extensive involvement in the jewelry and arts industry. He has the skills and knowledge to offer the highest quality jewelry casting and production in this trade. Driven to meet schedules, fair pricing, and the personal touch that clients appreciate are the commitments at the core of this business. A full service workshop stands behind the casting services and is capable of the high level of finish and economical pricing today's jewelry industry demands. Pappagalo Fine Jewelry Casting produces exclusively for clients, and with no in-house product sales there is security that ensures a project's exclusivity remains intact.
Our Services
  - Yellow and white bronze
- 14K yellow and white gold
- 18K yellow, white and rose gold
- Sterling silver
  - Vulcanized, blue non-shrink (Romanoff) rubber
- Cold molds for large scale pieces
  - C.A.D. services, growing and machining
  Setting including:
- Micro-Pave
- Pave'
- Channel
- Bezel
- Prong
- Special requests
- Finishing and assembly
- Polishing
- Special orders
- Production services
High Quality Jewelry Casting
Ron and I have worked together for 7 or 8 years now and it has been one of the most gratifying experiences, not only because he is one of the best in the business, but also because he understands the needs of a designer (like myself) and has the ability to see in detail what I might only visualize on paper. He is honest and loyal and just 'gets' me and my taste.
Ari Soffer
Los Angeles, CA
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